We are honored to have Willow in the Sage Hollow family! This stunning beauty has a thick, gorgeous, flowing coat with lovely feathering and dark pigment. This blocky girl has a friendly, playful, happy-go-lucky temperament.  We are presently training Willow for Rally Obedience competitions!     

Willow (Whispering Willow's Sweet Harmony) is the daughter of imported UCI National and International JR Champion, Funny Face Host of Angels, from Austria and the amazing The Golden Acres Imacharismatic Guy! Willow's multi-championship Pedigree  is  out of Austria, Romania, Hungary, France, Sweden and the U.K.!  Her impressive Pedigree is full of generation after generation of health tested dogs who have their clearances, along with "Excellent" and "Good" hip ratings!  A pedigree full of multi international champions, including a two time world champion, full of consistent, excellent health clearances makes Willow's bloodlines one of the absolute best in America!











Willow is a happy-go-lucky girl who greets everyone with open paws.  She's always up for a fun adventure or simply snuggling at home with her humans. She is incredibly intelligent, as she has been a superior obedience student who has been easy to train.  She loves a fun game of fetch and always looking for an opportunity to play in water! This fun, tail waggin' girl loves everybody, every canine, and every kitty she meets! She is a beautiful, blocky, absolutely jaw dropping, stunning English Golden Retriever!   
Whispering Willow's Sweet Harmony
**HIPS:        PennHIP - 0.6/0.61 (Average)
**EYES:        PRA-1 - CLEAR
**EYES:        PRA-2 - CLEAR

**Degenerative Myelopathy - CLEAR 
(Canine's version of Lou Gehrig's Disease in humans)
**Sensory Ataxic Neuropathy - CLEAR
(Inherited neurologic disorder that has been identified in Goldens and creates a lack of muscle coordination, abnormal gait and difficulty balancing. Usually results in euthanasia at a very young age.)
*NEW!* CLICK HERE if you would like to learn more about PennHIP or a more detailed description of the genetic ailments that we test for, including the eyes. (PRA)  


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