Birthing Center
Thank you for visiting the Birthing Center page.   
          As a responsible, experienced, passionate canine enthusiast, I knew that when and if I ever decided to breed, that I would do it in a professional, ethical manner or I wouldn't do it at all.  It didn't matter to me if I would only have one dog or several dogs - the decision to breed is a HUGE one and I wanted to do the best that I possibly could.  So here I am, honored to be loved by some sweet, furry, four-legged beauties, who rely on me to keep them safe and care for them.  This is one of the main reasons why I felt we needed a custom, designated room, in our home to transform into an area that catered to bringing these precious lives into the world, thus The Birthing Center was born.  
          The Birthing Center has been thoughtfully constructed in a way that allows room for human Sage Hollow family members, to stay with Mom and pups, 24 hours a day.  In addition, this space includes supplies, a washer and drier to be able to conveniently keep all bedding and linens clean, and a grooming area that includes a doggie bath and blow dryer, to keep our dam and her puppies clean, comfortable, and dry. It is important that we have a nearby, convenient washing station to be able to have the cleanest environment possible.             
          The puppies are closely monitored, weighed, and examined daily.  Lots of irresistable snuggling happens here! We familiarize each precious puppy with sensations that many older puppies and grown dogs tend to have sensitivities to, such as gently rubbing between their little paws, gently clipping the ends of their tiny nails, and starting them on sensations that would be associated with having their teeth and gums brushed.  Audio conditioning is also started once the pups ears open and they are able to hear.  Familiarizing a young pup with these sounds, can condition them to be much less sensitive or fearful when confronted  with these sounds as they get older.  This audio conditioning includes sounds of thunder, sirens, fireworks, gun shots, kids playing, skateboard sounds, traffic, and much more!  This type of early conditioning results in a more stable, confident, well adjusted, pup that is much easier to train.  A puppy such as this, is suitable for pretty much any household as they're ready for just about anything and are a pleasure to have in your home!