Our beautiful upcoming dam, Sage, is an affectionate, loving, tail wagging kinda girl! This gorgeous girl has quite possibly the most silky, softest coat I've ever felt! Although even the lightest Golden's are supposed to technically be referred to as,"cream," I must say, she is as pure white as can be! She is developing into an impressive English Golden, as she exemplifies the nice, incredibly blocky, square head, muzzle, and thick legs. Her contrast is amazing, as her black pigment is jet black and her white coat is platinum white! This fun, friendly girl is quite playful, loves training and a nice game of fetch. She's mastering the heel position quite quickly and has elegant movement and conformation!
(Sage Hollow's Blessed Moments by Council House) boasts a champion filled Pedigree  out of Spain, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Australia, Sweden, and the U.K.!Her impressive Pedigree is also full of generation after generation of health tested dogs who have their clearances, along with "Excellent" and "Good" hip ratings! A pedigree full of multi international champions, with generations of responsible  health clearances, makes Sage's bloodlines amongst some of the best!

Sage Hollow's Blessed Moments by Council House
**HIPS:        PennHIP - 0.58/0.62  (Average)
**EYES:        PRA-1 - CLEAR
**EYES:        PRA-2 - CLEAR
**Degenerative Myelopathy - CLEAR 

(Canine's version of Lou Gehrig's Disease in humans)
**Sensory Ataxic Neuropathy - CLEAR
(Inherited neurologic disorder that has been identified in Goldens and creates a lack of  muscle coordination, abnormal gait and difficulty balancing. Usually results in euthanasia at a very young age.)
**Ichthyosis - CLEAR
The majority of Golden Retrievers are either ICT Carriers or ICT Affected.  To find an ICT Clear Golden, is truly something to be excited about! Most affected dogs show signs before one year old with flaky skin and dull hair. Over time the skin develops a grayish color and appears thick and scaly, especially over the abdomen. The symptoms may progress to severe scaling all over the body, may improve with age, or may come and go over the dog’s lifetime.  Considering Sage is ICT CLEAR, she will produce puppies that are ICT FREE! 
*NEW!* CLICK HERE if you would like to learn more about  PennHIP or a more detailed description of the genetic  ailments that we test for, including the eyes. (PRA)

Enjoy Sage's Photo Gallery Below 

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