Sage Hollow English Golden's 
Health Guarantee Summary

      Here at Sage Hollow, we believe that each life brought into this world is precious; therefore, we go through great lengths to ensure that we breed only the healthiest of dogs with wonderful temperaments, in an effort to produce the most sound puppies possible. Our dogs are tested through some of the most world renowned and respected organizations known to the canine world. 
We proudly test our dogs using the following organizations:  

OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) located in Columbia, MO
PENNHIP located in Irvine, CA
PAW PRINT GENETICS located in Spokane, WA
We also periodically use ANIMAL GENETICS located in Tallahasse, FL                                                                                

      All of our Goldens have been genetically tested for the following inheritable ailments, that tend to be found in the Golden Retriever breed.  We confidentally use both Paw Print Genetics and Animal Genetics lab's and Geneticists to test our Golden's DNA samples. The revealed results guide us in decisions regarding our breedings, to produce symptom free, non-affected puppies.
PRA - Progressive Retinal Atrophy:  LIFETIME GUARANTEE
PRA 1 - Progressive Retinal Atrophy type 1:  LIFETIME GUARANTEE
PRA 2 - Progressive Retinal Atrophy type 2:  LIFETIME GUARANTEE
​DM - Degenerative Myelopathy:  LIFETIME GUARANTEE
SAN - Sensory Ataxic Neuropathy:  LIFETIME GUARANTEE                                                                            

     ​We proudly guarantee hereditary eye and heart ailments longer than the vast majority of breeders. We confidently test through OFA and/or Paw Print Genetics. We care deeply about the future of Golden Retrievers, as well as our loving puppy families. 

Hereditary EYE:  3 YEAR GUARANTEE                                                                                                                    

     In an effort to make informed decisions, we pride ourselves in staying informed on the latest studies in canine health. We use both OFA and/or PennHIP to evaluate hips/elbows. After much research, we have decided that the majority of our future dog's hips will be tested through PennHIP. PennHIP is less subjective, more thorough, looks at more angles and xrays than OFA, and can give more accurate results at a much younger age, than OFA. In addition, according to a recent doctoral research study done by Randi Krontveit at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, which examined the role that environmental factors played in the development of hip dysplasia - It was found that environmental factors play a much larger role in dysplasia than previously thought. Allowing a pup under the age of 12 months old, to have too much exercise, free, open running and vigorous play, climbing stairs on a regular basis, jumping, doing agility, etc... can greatly increase the possibility as to whether a dog will develop hip dysplasia. Being aware of how much of a role that simple environmental factors can cause, makes it even more important for us to utilize the superior methods used by PennHIP, along with studying pedigrees to ensure that we are doing our upmost, as breeders, to have healthy, sound, dysplasia free dogs and producing puppies that have tighter/better hips than their parents. CLICK HERE for more information on PennHIP.

ELBOW DYSPLASIA:  1 YEAR GUARANTEE                                                                                                             

     Every breed has their susceptibilities. Our job, as breeders, is to be educated, up to date and proceed with eyes wide open, make responsible, honest, logical decisions that will have the highest likelihood of producing the healthiest puppies. We work side by side with a team of wonderful Veterinarians, who specialize in canine reproduction. We are educated by them, learn from them, and humbly, with an open mind, ask questions and seek advice, consistently. Furthermore, Paw Print Genetics has an amazing staff and very patient, knowledgeable Canine Geneticists who go above and beyond to answer any questions that we may have, so that we make the most informed decisions possible, before we make a mating decision.  Even with all of these supports, education, careful breeding, and testing, we understand that not every congenital defect (exisiting at birth) can be tested for, and unfortunately, biology and life itself, does not exist without imperfections. Although we have never had any reported issues with any of the ailments listed above, we humbly acknowledge that the possibility exists. Therefore, we also provide a guarantee for any congenital defect (exisiting at birth) that significantly impacts the quality of life.


     After all the steps that are taken and the scrutiny, we firmly believe that we are producing some of the healthiest, most sound temperaments, intelligent, beautiful English Golden Retrievers in the United States. Our puppies are produced to be the 'whole package.' We are committed to the continuation of education in an effort to do our best to bring generations of healthy Golden Retrievers into this world and be honest and supportive breeders to our Sage Hollow puppy extended families.      

The official guarantee and contract can be viewed by clicking here .