What's the difference between the 'golden American' types and the 'white English' types?" Here is a brief, simple to understand, answer to your question. First of all, they are not two separate breeds and the 'white' types are not technically white, as they are considered 'cream.' Although all Golden Retrievers originated in Scotland, their is an obvious difference between the bloodlines that are from England/European influence and that of American influence. In England The Kennel Club (TKC) recognized the Golden Retriever breed, first, in 1911, then America (AKC) recognized them in 1925. Eventually, America started breeding in traits that they preferred, while countries throughout Europe and England, continued to breed for the traits that they desired. The Kennel Club, along with every other country's canine registry club (except America & Canada) recognizes England's TKC standards, welcomes coats of any shade of cream or gold in the show ring, as long as it's not too dark. Because of the differences in standards, between America/Canada and the rest of the world, we now have one breed with two different set of traits. A breed standard is basically like a road map which tells us reputable breeders what traits we should be striving to produce, and which ones we should try to avoid. Breeders can then make a decision as to which kennel club's breed standard they prefer to strive for, and produce with those standards in mind. A breeder can obviously, also choose to breed both types separately, or mate together for reasons such as, to achieve an improved physical trait or open up their bloodlines in hopes for healthier future generations, etc...  Although there are always exceptions, the English/Euro type Golden's are usually more laid back, calmer, lighter in color, stand lower to the ground, and more broad, than Americans. Cancer rates for English/European Goldens are considerably less than American's, according to findings in the GRCA (Golden Retriever Club of America) study and according to the findings in the U.K. (TKC). In addition, while the American Golden Retriever's life span is typically around 10-11 years, the English Golden's are 12-13 years! Both types are wonderful dogs, and while many traits are similar, there are many traits that are not similar at all. 
     Here at Sage Hollow, we proudly and confidentally breed AKC registered Golden Retrievers, that are bred according to the The Kennel Club standards in the U.K. and throughout most of the world, with bloodlines that are predominantly tied to those from overseas.  We relentlessly strive to continue to produce healthy, superior bloodlines in order to continue to improve upon this amazing, irreplaceable breed. Breeding practices, such as ours, can greatly impact this wonderful breed, resulting in a much healthier future for Goldens, as a whole. Below is a breakdown of some of the differences between these two popular bloodlines and their TKC vs AKC standards.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers

COLOR - The lightest cream to a moderate golden  
HEAD - Broader, heavier, more squared heads   
NECK - Thicker, broader, more muscular
MALES -        22-24 Inches & no weight limit
FEMALES - 20-22 Inches & no weight limit
(English tend to be slightly shorter and stockier)
AVERAGE LIFE SPAN - 12-13 Years  
COLORLight golden to a very dark golden
HEAD - More narrow 
NECK - More narrow
MALES -       23-24 Inches & 65-75 pounds
FEMALES - 21.5-22.5 Inches & 55-65 pounds
(Americans tend to be slightly taller and less broad)
AVERAGE LIFE SPAN  - 10 - 11 Years

  Here at Sage Hollow, we love both types of Golden Retrievers and have owned both types. A well bred Golden Retriever from a reputable breeder will be a wonderful addition to your family for years to come!