Welcome to Sage Hollow English Golden's, located in beautiful southwest Idaho. For over 20 years, my passion for Golden Retrievers, keeping up on the latest findings in breeding practices and genetics, studying canine behavior, attending training seminars and professional hands on training courses have become my life! I am one of the fortunate ones who spend much of my time doing what I love and loving what I do! Over the years, my children have become much like their mother, as we all absolutely love to surround ourselves in the fascinating world of canines!  Sage Hollow is a close knit family who love to learn, train, and be active with their four legged family members and we sincerely believe that Goldens are one of the most amazing, versatile breeds in the world! Whether we are training for an event or simply having a blast at the lake, playing fetch, camping, sightseeing on a hike, or snuggling up at home, these pups are ready for just about anything!  Our Goldens are truly beloved members of the family who enjoy living indoors with us, sleeping in our bedrooms, opening gifts under the Christmas tree, and enjoying paw-rrrific birthday parties!  They are adored from snout to tail!
          As a responsible, experienced, passionate canine enthusiast, I knew that if and when I ever decided to breed, that I would do it in a professional, ethical manner or I wouldn't do it at all.  It didn't matter to me if I would only have one dog or several dogs - the decision to breed is a huge one and I wanted to do the best that I possibly could. Here at Sage Hollow, we believe that it's not enough, as breeders, to merely produce beautiful, AKC registered Golden Retrievers.  As responsible breeders, we strive for so much more!  Here at Sage Hollow, we spend an enormous amount of time examining the latest health studies and statistics. Our work is never done, as we are always learning as new studies become available and advancements in technology expand our ability to do a more efficient job at screening our breeding dogs. We spare no expense on health clearances, genetic screenings, and have a wonderful team of Canine Reproduction Specialists at Idaho Veterinary Hospital, which assist in guiding us through this world of breed preservation. We place a huge emphasis on improving the breed's health through genetic evaluations, carefully chosen health tests/screenings, examining generations of pedigrees, and keeping our bloodlines as pure as possible by avoiding inbreeding and consistently decreasing COI percentages. Preserving the wonderful temperament that Goldens are famous for, is paramount in our breeding program, as well as giving each precious puppy a headstart through our phenomenal Early Foundation Puppy Program , and offering a lifetime of support for our puppy owners. We understand that you're not just looking for a pet, you're looking for a new family member.  Whether you're an experienced professional or a first time dog owner, you can rest assured that you've come to the right place!  We are dedicated to producing superior puppies through educated, careful, and thoughtful breeding. Reproducing man's best friend should never be taken lightly, as each new life we bring into this world is precious.   
        We are here to assist you with honesty and knowledge to answer any questions you may have.  We stand by our commitment in our health guarantee and offer our support throughout the lifetime of your puppy.  At Sage Hollow, we strive to never stop learning, provide outstanding, friendly service with the upmost integrity in our breeding practices.  
  1. Managing Director
    JAKE - (Son and Assistant Trainer/Handler and Care Taker) Jake is a hard working care taker and is an amazing trainer. He is especially drawn towards canine behavior and dog pack psychology. Jake is wonderful at exercising the dogs, training, conditioning, and care taking. He thrives on continuing his education and experience in the 'dog world' and enjoys learning new concepts, always striving to improve on his training and handling skills. He is currently attending college to become a Respiratory Therapist, while assisting here at Sage Hollow.
  2. Managing Director
    CONNER - (Son and Upcoming Junior Handler and Trainer) Little 7 year old Conner can often be found on the floor, snuggling with one of our Goldens! He is a wonderful helper when we are conditioning our dogs for therapy work and being a great distraction for the dogs when we are sharpening their obedience skills! He's already learning the commands, hand signals, and has picked out a name for his future Golden pup! He is anxious to get a little older so that he can enter the competition world with a Sage Hollow Golden & join our local 4-H canine club!
  3. Managing Director
    HANNAH - (Daughter and Junior Trainer/Handler and Care Taker) Hannah is a wonderful junior trainer and care taker! She is continuing to learn more advanced concepts in training and is showing interest in Rally Obedience and Agility. She is also aspiring to test her skills in the International Conformation Show Ring in Junior Showmanship through IABCA! She is a huge asset to our program! Her future goals include becoming a licensed Veterinarian Technologist, a Nationally Certified Dog Therapy handler, and continuing to compete, train, and assist here at Sage Hollow!
  4. Managing Director
    HOLLY - (Daughter and Part Time Assistant/Care Taker) Holly has been a phenomenal assistant, as she has been trained how to properly supervise, clean, socialize, and care for the puppies, and the dam. She offers extra help when we need it and relieves us when we sometimes require a break or need some rest, as many times we get very limited sleep once puppies arrive, as they are watched 24 hours day and night. She is now moved out of 'Mom and Dad's house,' and living nearby with her husband. Holly is the proud owner of our dam, Skyla.
  5. Managing Director
    ROBIN - (Owner and Director of Operations) Every day is an adventure at Sage Hollow and I love being a part of it! I enjoy training and teaching others how to train and understand basic dog behavior, taking care of the puppy conditioning curriculum, our daily care and training schedules, events to attend, decisions regarding health testing and breeding, selecting wonderful Goldens to join our family, building/updating our website, grooming and much, much more! I feel blessed to be able to do what I love with a family who share in this passion!